During your planning or designing phrase, you must have aware that there are so much consideration you may need to consider. Whether on selecting material, kind of system you desire, or even budgetary for your current or upcoming projects for retaining structure. Soil Chain™ system will be the right choice to solve all your trouble…

Soil Chain™ System Benefits:
  • Low impact and rapid construction
  • Economical and easy logistics handling
  • Cost effective and efficient construction
  • Ability to mimic existing contour
  • Ability to absorb differential settlement
  • Capable of handling mechanical connection
  • Instant solution for wetlands or soft area
  • No cracking or staining which reduce maintenance
  • Minimize pollutions impacts cause by traditional hard material
  • Minimize cost on footing, drainage and conventional pre-requisite
  • Immediate construction product for nature disaster

Soil Chain™ Environmental Benefits:
  • Sufficient rooms for future root growth and development of root netting system able to which able to penetrates into other geo-blocks
  • Flexibility to accept various kinds of vegetation media
  • Capable to construct vertical planting structure
  • Absolutely friendly to wildlife habitat and species
  • Permanent Noise and Heat reduction
  • Flexi-system able to accept various kinds of planting method
  • Minimize wastage of nature resources and troubled of debris handling
  • Entire system using only recyclable material
  • Reduce Green House Gases and Carbon footprint
  • Improvement of Social and Economic values



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