Soil Chain™ system probably the first and only innovation consists of four directional ecological engineering. Innovation adopts principle from global practices of Mechanical Stabilize Earth (MSE), with combination of geo-technical, Bio and Environmental engineering. The revolutionary Soil Chain™ system could evolves from a soft scape building material into a hard scape standard eco-system.

System and its component are made out of non-biodegradable, Ecological earth retaining system and recyclable material which able to:

  • Sustain and stable future community continuous growth,
  • Maintaining biodiversity, enriching wild life habitats,
  • Achieving results related to cause of environmental issues,
  • Reducing cost and duration compare to conventional construction,
  • Minimizing maintenance, and reducing adverse effects from the hard structure,
  • Reduction of noise pollution, Green House gases emissions and carbon footprint,
  • Preventing wastages of nature resources.

It is a total environmental friendly engineering system for constructing permanent structure with shear strength and yet be able return this eco-structure eventually back to it Mother nature, Earth.



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