We believe that future living depends on today’s planning. Environmental statics indicates that there is a mission for We human to change. A change with clear statement of awareness and environmental solution has to be make, with the fact of the temperature keeps rising causing the warming world.

While changes, awareness and solution needs to work in parallel, which is not only relying on the educational or promoting aspect for our next generation, but also the ideals, planning and innovation which cater for current and future to be construct on earth.

Soil Chain™ system drew its innovation from the nature earth, making it feasible to construct a permanent and total eco-friendly Green structure for Achitects, Builders Consultants, and Developers to rely on when it comes to permanent applications like;

  • Earth retaining structure
  • Green and façade feature
  • Reclamation land protection
  • Erosion protection and control
  • Vertical planting and gardening wall
  • Steepen slope repair and reinforcement
  • Shoreline protection and breakwater structure
  • Riverbank, reservior and waterway greenery protection



2nd Quarter 2015

We are pleased to announce that Leng Wee Construction Pte Ltd has...

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We are pleased to announce that our full active website are now...

3rd Quarter 2015

We are proud and excited to be the winner of the SEC-Senoko Energy...

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